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Earth Day!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Today in New York the sun is shining. Farmer Dan is preparing for a hike at Bear Mountain and I am preparing to spend some quality time with our nieces at the Bronx Zoo.

Both of us are preparing for the upcoming market season. Plants are started in the greenhouse, seeds are sown in the field, our bodies are already complaining...that is farm life.

By taking today to do something outside yet not farm related is a way to keep balance in our lives. When farm season starts, we tend to go all in, ignoring every other aspect of life, and that just does not work long term. We need to spend time with our families and to spend time in nature leisurely in order to connect with the Earth in a respectful manner.

Whatever is on your agenda today, take some time to go outside and turn your face to the sun.

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