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The Drought

September is upon us and here we are with a very dry field.

You may or may not know that we strive to grow sustainably, and we have a limited amount of water we use for the season, and due to the lack of rain and extreme heat, we have lost many crops.

This is not only due to weather, but to the powerful toll the heat and humidity takes on one's body. Physically, we are simply unable to keep up the energy necessary to battle the elements , however we try our best.

Luckily our soil is healthy and strong, and we have been blessed with two amazing workers, Esme & Paulina, beautiful tomatoes, eggplants and peppers this month, and delicious watermelons! We see our radishes and baby greens growing along with some Swiss Chard, they should be along soon!

We are grateful for everyone's support and ask you to bear with us this season. We hope to see you this weekend at market!

All the best,

The Napolitano Family Farm

Dan & Gina

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