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July : The Challenge !

Farmer Dan worked at The H.O.G. Farm in Brookhaven, and the owner, Sean, once told Dan "All you have to do is make it through July, and then you will be good for the rest of the season".

So that is where we are at right now. Sort of in between big crops, dealing with the humidity, and on top of that- WE MOVED! We are now officially living in Suffolk County mere minutes from the farm. It is hugely challenging trying to move your life and to do it right smack in the middle of farm season is madness. One day at a time is our current mantra.

We are waiting impatiently on tomatoes and kitchen cabinets.

Bear with us, farm family.

With love,

Dan, Gina & Lady Kiki

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1 Comment

Jul 07, 2022

Dan and Gina:(and Kiki) Best of luck in your new home. Remember—one day at a time… I’m sure that you will appreciate the shorter commute to the farm. I’m off tomorrow morning (got to love those 630am flights) to my nephew wedding in Springfield MO, then Monday to Lake of the Ozarks, then on Wednesday to the AFT Convention in Boston. I should be home on Sunday the 17th. Gina, please donate my shares from 7/8 and 7/15 to the organization you mentioned. I look forward to seeing you in Levittown on 7/22. May you enjoy all of God’s blessings and joy in your new home. Thanks, Mary Keegan

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